Customer Service

Customer Service

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Customization Capacity
Mingku Electronics is a professional manufacturer of global switch products, and it manufactures and develops all types of tact switches, key switches, toggle switches, leaf switches, lever switches, sockets and other products for the global well-known customers each year. It has more than 30 cases for new product research and development. It develops the products meeting the customer requirement according to the different customer demands for the products, and through the control of environmental protection materials, it not only produces the high-quality products, but also bears the due social responsibility of the enterprise.
Customer Service
Technical Support
Mingku Electronics establishes a professional technical service team to solve the technology that the customers need at the development stage. The engineers at all levels shall provide the most timely and professional service and suggestion in both product design suggestion at the initial product design stage and problem solution at the product application verification stage. In addition, Mingku Electronics also provides many different technical support services in regard to the demands of different customers and product types.
Customer Service

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